Recruitment and selection

„ ..To predict the future ….“

SYNECTICA has a reputation of a reliable strategic partner, well respected by clients and candidates. We are on the preferred supplier list of many multinational and big Bulgarian companies and have a proven track record in each in the sectors we operate.

SYNECTICA originally put into business practice in Bulgaria the psychological approach to personnel selection.

Our team of organizational psychologists and customized selection tests are what differentiate us from other companies in HR business.



If you need a new employee to join your team just call SYNECTICA and we will do the rest. We are well experienced in organizing a cost-effective advertising and media search. We have established procedures for executive search, initial screening and final psychological selection of candidates.


Psychological assessment is the most reliable procedure for personnel selection.
Psychological assessment services can either be used to assess new employees or as a guide for the development of existing staff. Using contemporary and well proven psychological tests adapted by SYNECTICA to meet cultural requirements, you can reduce the risk of employing unsuitable staff. For example: those having latent mental disorders or a tendency to disloyal conduct. You will also receive reliable information regarding applicants’ qualities and development potential.


A Company’s greatest asset is its staff. SYNECTICA works as an extension of your HR department to provide more efficiency and competitiveness for you. Candidates recommended by SYNECTICA have not only an experience and skills but they could contribute for the developing of your business.