Because working with the right people is essential

The skills, expertise and knowledge that employees bring to the company are critical for the organizational success. We know this, and we strive to support organizations to identify the people who will contribute to the company success with their knowledge, skills and motivation. Synectica is one of the first companies to introduce and enforce the psychological approach to recruitment&selection in Bulgaria. We specialise in expert and managerial level recruitment and have built a name as a trusted partner for our clients and job candidates. It is important for us to understand your business, your goals and values, and works alongside you to achieve key objectives. What sets us apart is our commitment and personal approach to each project and assignment.

Benefits of Recruitment process outsourcing
• Saving resources
Synectica’ professional approach will free you from additional functions and allow you to focus on the core activities of your business.
• Increase competitiveness
We are present in the labour market on a daily basis and have an excellent knowledge of trends, current remuneration levels, incentive and motivation systems, performance appraisal systems, etc. This enables us to advise you about all trends on the labor market in order to attract the best people in the market and increase your competitiveness.
• Minimising risk
Synectica’ psychological methods will minimize the risk of hiring unsuitable employees, people with unstable motivation and disloyalty, or other risk factors.
• Guarantee
We provide a guarantee for recruited candidates with free counseling in the initial onboarding process
Phases in the Recruitment Process
Stage One – Identifying the Hiring Needs and setting goals

•Determine what competencies the potential employees must have in order to meet the demands of the role
•Determine the duties and responsibilities of the job

Stage Two – Signing a contract
Defining and agreeing on the terms of service

Stage Three – Attracting, Screening and Shortlisting relevant applicants
• Media and database search
• Contacting candidates who have applied for similar positions and match the requirements
• Sourcing of shortlisted candidates

Stage Four – Interviews

  • Conduct interviews in order to collect target information regarding the competencies, motivation, personality characteristics, and other relevant information.

Stage Five – Final Selection

  • Schedule interviews with the finalists .
  • A consultation is provided for the final choice if necessary.
  • Giving written feedback to all candidates.