Competency assessment

“When you expect the best of people, you’re likely to get the best!”

Benefits from competency assessment

Having a competency framework and assessments based on it, provides a comprehensive picture of the skill map of the organization, the development needs and potential leaders, and thus define the approach to effective talent management. A competency assessment focuses on how well the employee is performing the required job skills in relation to specified performance standards.

Competency assessment:

  • Ensures that employees are fulfilling their duties as required
  • Provides acknowledgement for satisfactory and exemplary performance
  • Targets performance deficits
  • Highlight skills that require additional training or practice
  • Benchmark employee performance across organization norms
  • Help employees to understand what is the required level of performance


  • Increase the success and effectiveness of employees in the workplace
  • Identify the needs of performance improvement and development of specific competencies appraises
  • Provide constructive feedback on the competence of employees in the organization by managers and peers through a variety of methods based on real behaviors observations