One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions

Benefits of psychological assessment. Why to use it?

Individual psychological assessment is a tool used to help organizations to make decisions about hiring, promotion, and development. Psychological assessment consists of professionally developed and validated measures of personality, leadership style, cognitive abilities, etc..
Results can predict successful job performance of your employees and their smooth adaptation and future development in your team.

The assessment of personality is applicable for various purposes in business:

  • For the needs of recruitment for a vacant position in the organization;
  • To assess the potential for training and career development of employees in the organization ;
  • To solve the problems and conflicts in the organization;
  • For assessing the team compatibility


The evaluation results are presented to the client in report, based on conducted psychological assessment, which includes the summarized results on the key professionally relevant areas, recommendations for training and appropriate management methods, assessment of psychological compatibility, motivation and leading values.

Psychological assessment is carried out for suitability to a specific position in the company depending on the profile of the position and a set of criteria agreed with the customer (professional and managerial experience, personality profile, key skills etc.) using psychological methods and tests with high validity and reliability. The purpose of using psychological tools and tests is to increase the objectivity of the evaluation of candidates and employees of the organization for a wide range of professionally relevant areas such as:

  • cognitive abilities – intelligence , memory, attention , etc ;
  • personality characteristics and attitudes – communication skills, emotional stability , risk-taking , decision making , motivation , interests , etc
  • social psychological qualities – teamwork, conflict , leadership qualities and etc.