Velin Georgiev

In 1991 Velin Georgiev founded Synectica. For over 30 years he has developed and has led successful projects in the field of organizational consulting, selection & evaluation of personnel and training.
V.Georgiev has a master degree in Organizational Psychology at Sofia University “St. Kliemnt Ohridski ” and PhD in “Social Psychology”.
His previous experience is in the “Institute of psychology’’.
Mr. Georgiev is an experienced professional with many years of experience in selection of senior management positions, organizational consulting, assessment and talent development. He has managed projects in the field of human resources management: organizational change management, organizational culture, bonus systems, training and development programs for management skills, negotiation, commercial skills, change management, conflict management, team management and others.

Natasha Iankova

Natasha Yankova is Managing Partner in Synectica since 1992. For over 30 she manages projects in recruitment and selection, organizational consulting and training.
She has master degree in “Clinical and Counseling Psychology” at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski ” and specialization in “Clinical Psychology”. She is a longtime expert in psychopathology and psychodiagnostics and psychotherapy.
Natasha Yankova has experience in organizational consulting, organizational development, completed projects in the field of psychological selection and evaluation of personnel, psychological assessment, ACDC, act.

Svetlana Genova

Svetlana Genova is Managing Partner at Synectica since 1992. She is an experienced consultant with over 30 years in recruitment, organizational consulting and training. She has a master degree in “Work and Organizational Psychology” at Sofia University “St. Kliemnt Ohridski”.
Her previous experience is as an expert in “Psychodiagnostics” and “Occupational and Organizational Psychology” at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in the field of applied psychological research in industrial psychology.
Mrs. Genova has extensive professional experience in the field of applied organizational projects, ACDC, search and selection of experts, middle and senior management positions, training and development programs, salary surveys, compensation and benefits programs, ect.

Krassimira Ianeva

Krassimira Ianeva joined Synectica in 2006 as a Consultant. She has bachelor degree in Psychology and master degree in Organizational Behavior and Consulting at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.
For more than 17 years she’s gained experience in: psychological assessment and selection: assess new employees, evaluate employees for promotion, develop and expand the potential of current employees; organizational consulting; defining organizational culture; job satisfaction; organizational analysis; job evaluation, training and development projects and etc.