Synectica is a leading human resource management consultancy.

Since the establishment of the company in 1991, we provide comprehensive solutions for the recruitment, motivation and development of personnel for foreign and domestic companies in Bulgaria.

Our approach is completely oriented to the needs of the client and is based on the application of psychological methods in the management of human resources.

We strive to help people and organisations themselves to achieve their goals.

We believe that high professional standards, personal engagement and ethical business practice are the foundation of success.

The meaning of “Synectica”

The name Synectica originates from the term Synectics, which is a method that is applied to problem-solving, based on the symbiosis of absolutely diverse ideas that are combined to provide a different perspective on the problem. The method aims to find a creative solution to a given problem by using the unlimited possibilities of imagination and combining incompatible, eclectic ideas. It helps to use knowledge from different areas such as technology, natural sciences, social sciences, and even politics to discover ways to solve similar problems in these fields and apply that knowledge to the solution of a specific current problem, including organizational or business problems. The most valuable aspect of the method is the ability to find a new perspective on the problem. Through Synectics, we mentally disassemble and reassemble all the elements to obtain a new understanding, to find the connections that link seemingly unrelated elements, using analogy and metaphor. This helps to reach a new knowledge, which may look strange, yet lead to a revolutionary solution. Therefore, synectic thinking is the process of discovering the connections that link seemingly unrelated elements. This is a way to look at the problem from a different angle to obtain a new perspective.

Synectics is also an approach and a way of thinking that can be applied in all spheres of human knowledge. In translation from Greek, the word Synectics means “combination of diverse elements.” As a way of thinking, Synectics encourages our ability to deal with complexity, uncertainty, and apparent contradictions. Often, the change, which is the only constant in our lives, requires us to think creatively to find new ways to solve problems. The Synectics method releases our lateral thinking, unlocks the creative process, and enables the creative problem-solving. Usually, logical thinking is used to solve problems in a direct and clear manner. Synectic thinking, however, looks at things from a lateral perspective to find answers that are not obvious.

How do we apply Synectics in our work?

As an approach and way of thinking, it can be applied constantly, but it is most useful when the problem is complex, unfamiliar, and cannot be solved using the logical methods that have been familiar to us so far. It engages our imagination, using the power of the group to generate new ideas. This method is especially useful when our team is stuck and cannot see solutions that have not been tried or discussed yet. It brings “out of the box” thinking and prompts us to use more ways of thinking, such as emotional, intuitive, and logical, to explore different aspects of the problem and find the best solution