Look to the present to change the future

Systematic and comprehensive diagnosis of the internal state of the organization that allows identifying reliable data to help clients better understand their company’s strengths, deficiencies, and opportunities for improvement. The diagnosis focuses on organizational objectives, individual objectives, how work is organized, behavioral characteristics, management, employee competencies, adaptability to environmental change, organizational values and norms, the degree employees are engaged in the organizational performance, style of organizational leadership, organizational communication, etc.


  • Assessing the actual situation of the company, which allows Identifying what needs to be improved: the company’s organizational structure,management style, human resources, the company’s mission, goals, and objectives,etc.
  • Registration the strengths and areas for improvement in management style, in business processes, resources and ways to achieve the objectives and results.
  • Modeling the new management and organizational structure based on the results of the analysis of the current structure, the nature of the activities and objectives of the company.


  • Identification of possible ways to achieve the new desired state of the organization, the stages and the modalities for change
  • Improving the organizational structure, processes, leadership style in accordance with the objectives and development plans of the company.