Competencies make the difference

WHY some employees have high work performance, while others fail to achieve these results?

Competencies of the employees are the answer!

We understand HOW people perform at their work as we examine what competencies have our successful performers.

Benefits from the implementation of competency model

The implementation of competency model in the organization increases the efficiency of the overall business of the company. The return on investment in training and staff development , for example, increases by about 50 % after the implementation of competency model.


Competency models are widely used in business for defining and assessing competencies within organizations in both hard and soft skills. They represent a key component of recruitment and hiring, as well as talent and performance management activities of HR departments.

Competency models support corporate strategy and values, transforming them into universal and understandable criteria for successfully dealing with the activities of the company. This increase the personal commitment and performance of employees and creates a management tool to motivate and guide employees to desired behaviors and achievements.