Assess the productivity of your employees

Synectica provides appraisal systems based on client needs for different staff levels-employees: experts, top managers.
Appraisals are an important part of the process of performance management. Appraisals effect the organization competitiveness and stable success by establishing performance standards.

Why should we use appraisal systems ?

  • To optimize management trough establishing performance standards for the whole company and goal assessments
  • To improve performance trough feedback and reliable work results evaluation
  • To identify top employees that have the highest work results and potential for development
  • To motivate top employees
  • To identify employees who need to become more effective and provide them training

Appraisals are based on the following principles:

  • Total action – the system assess the activity of all employees
  • Goal management – the system assess results
  • Performance management – the system assess performance regarding performance standards and requirements for the position

Appraisal system assess Key Performance Indicators – (KPI) – indicators are based on results and individual achievements. Managers make the assessment. Variants: The appraisal system could be developed based on the model of KPI elaborated by the client or based on the model developed by Synectica according to the specific requirements.