System for evaluation of the technical operations personnel in electric power stations

HR – ENERGETICS is an assessment system developed by SYNECTICA for evaluation of operative and technical staff in Energy Sector (NPP,HPP, TPP). The system could be adapted and used for assessment of different professionals working in high level of risk.


HR – ENERGETICS contributes to prevent accidents and to improve safety level in the company and minimize risk.

HR – ENERGETICS could be implemented into existing systems for HEALTHY AND SAFE LABOUR CONDITIONS.

Why is necessary to use HR – ENERGETICS?

  • Provides safety performance through objective and reliable evaluation of the operational staff.
  • Meets the requirements of the Bulgarian law.
  • Avoids costly hiring mistakes: reduces the risk of wrong selection dissections of new employees and provides faster induction at work.
  • Optimizes and increases the efficiency and productivity of employees.
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