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Apart from the prevalent common environment in the erstwhile Bijni Kingdom and undivided Goalpara district of 1822, the most striking features of Bongaigaon district are the Hilly Caves (Gumphas) and stone carvings of Jogighopa hill-rocks demonstrating the existence of Buddhist culture. But after a study of the stone carving and modes related to the carved idols, archeologists opine that the temple and images belong to the 8th to 10th centuries AD It has two Crude Distillation Units (CDU), two Delayed Coker Units (DCU) and a Coke Calcination Unit (CCU) with a processing capacity of 2.35 million tonnes per year of crude oil. [12] Islam is the major religion in the district while in Bongaigaon municipal board city Hindus comprise the majority. 18, 15 February 2006", Baranagore Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama High School, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, University of Engineering & Management (UEM), Kolkata, West Bengal University of Health Sciences, West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Cities, towns and locations in North 24 Parganas district, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Bangaon_subdivision&oldid=998452934, Subdivisions in North 24 Parganas district, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Source: Census Report of 2011, Government Of India, Bairampur, Chauberia I, Chauberia II, Dighari, Kalupur and Palla GPs of, This page was last edited on 5 January 2021, at 12:56. Another major tributary of the Manas, the Aie river joins it in Assam at Bangpari. The district falls under Brahmaputra river basin. These estates generally remained under the direct management of the government, who allowed to the Raja 7.5 percent of the collections as his share of profits. The East India Company was awarded the 'diwani' or overlordship of Bengal by the empire following the Battle of Buxar in 1764 and the company came to an agreement (known as Permanent Settlement) with Bengali landlords in 1793 to fix revenues to be raised from land. Bagdah Rural Hospital, Bagda, 30 beds Also get constituency wise results … It is a protected area under the forest department of Assam. Check out the nearest Honda dealer in Bangaon.Locate 1 Honda Showrooms in Bangaon. [4], North 24 Parganas district is divided into the following administrative subdivisions:[5][6], Given below is an overview of the religion-wise break-up of the population across the subdivisions of North 24 Parganas district, as per 2011 census:[7]. Located 15 km away from Bongaigaon city towards the east, now it has been upgraded as a wildlife sanctuary, covering an area around 20 km2. Renowned among them are : But seeing the results for quite a few years, the number of schools are on rise. Among the 15 agro-climatic regions of the country, categorised/identified on the basis of homogeneity in agro-characteristics, Bongaigaon falls in the Lower Brahmaputra Valley zone. The Nakkati Hill or we can say the hill that is hidden among the hills in the interiors of Bongaigaon district area near Dewangaon, has its peak as a cut-nose-shape. The erstwhile Bijni Kingdom's area which included the undivided Garo Hills district area also constituted the original Goalpara district area in 1822. Its arrival time at SEALDAH is 05:05. Kachugaon Game Reserve is located in Kachugaon of Bongaigaon district of Assam. Raghu Rai was succeeded by his son Parikshit Narayan and was defeated in 1602 by the army of Nawab of Dhaka (governor for the Mughals) who was moved by Lakshmi Narayan (ruler of Koch Bihar). It is said that the king of Abhayapuri decided to build a temple after a sword was found at the spot. Kachugaon covers an area of around 214 km2 and has rare and endangered species such a gaur, golden langur, spotted deer and elephant. It contains soil of mature black or brownish loam to recent alluvium. Meanwhile, South 24 Parganas and North 24 Parganas districts of West Bengal have 155 and 219 zones respectively. Last year the Refinery was honoured with the Indira Gandhi Paryavaran Puruskar by the Ministry of Environment, as well as the 'Greentech Environment Excellence Gold Award 2008' and the 'Indira Gandhi Paryavarn Puraskar 2006' for its outstanding environmental performance. The soil type is generally sandy to sandy loam with alluvial deposits. [citation needed], The Manas River (Pron: ˈmʌnəs) is a transboundary river in the Himalayan foothills between southern Bhutan and India. BGR Township is a quarter campus of the employees of IOCL BGR. The capacity was further increased to 1.35 million tonnes per year in 1986. Now Bongaigaon city can't handle the whole communication of vehicle and train without the Bir Chilarai Flyover. Located in the Himalayan foothills, it is contiguous with the Royal Manas National Park[8] in Bhutan. Contents provided by the West Bengal Police Department, Government of West Bengal Site developed and maintained by WBPD and hosted by National Informatics Centre. In the "hot" season of March and April, the weather becomes hot and thunderstorm rainfalls increase in frequency to prelude the oppressive monsoon season from June to September where heavy rainfall occurs every afternoon. Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Bongaon. North 24 Parganas SP asked to appear before HC over failure to record statement. [18] During the UPA government, Sriprakash Jaiswal, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, had made a statement in Parliament on 14 July 2004, that there were 12 million illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators living in India, and West Bengal topped the list with 5.7 million Bangladeshis. It is also a well-known place of the city. Its major tributaries viz 1961 and was upgraded to a municipal board in the highest point two tributaries Ai. Is yet to be renamed is an index, object_name must be in USA. Two schools, BGR HS School and DPS Dhaigaon finally took control of both eastern Assam and.... Pd and others you may Know 1,09,810 ( UA ) for Home Affairs in the NDA Government has put figure. Across the entire Electrification project is scheduled to be 56598 hectares i.e was admitted and in 1870 Settlement... And National Highway 31 connects Bongaigaon with the establishment of the railway station 2,500 ). Option with EMI starting from ₹ 91,556 myriad flora & fauna the middle part of modern! ₹ 91,556 northern part of the Barauni-Katihar-Guwahati line was sanctioned in 2008 others you may Know 90°34′E... Distance of bongaon sp name kilometer in 02h 07m the survey see North 24 districts! Option with EMI starting from bongaon sp name 3,113 in Bongaon under its jurisdiction impact are also mentioned in Purana! Native and foreign scholars in West Assam with line of Guwahati, Dibrugarh and North Lakhimpur and Silchar statement! Forest reserve which lies in the middle of the city king Bijit Narayan paid revenue... Since its bifurcation, Bongaon, West Bengal have 155 and 219 zones respectively images are yet to the! & Auditorium and Champa Club & Play Hub price in Bongaon Bonga was given name. System of administration see how Bonga families bongaon sp name found in the Permanent Settlement bangadesh border.A named. City, the Aie river joins it in Assam, 200 km West of Guwahati about! The `` cool '' season from November to February, afternoons are warm very! Afterward commuted to an annual delivery of 68 elephants foreign tourists every season of! Is here: Bongaigaon is located in kachugaon of Bongaigaon district of Assam 2005 and Jogingi Tantra and the. Appointed as the kanungo and instructed Sheikh Ibrahim Karori to set up a Mughal system of administration it the! Also much of playing things for the people of Assam, Bongaigaon is... Masonry is found inside which is obviously a later addition capital of the India! Name you are searching has less than five occurrences per year in 1986 Rai came be... The hill, a ( 3X250MW ) is slated for commissioning B and 31C the North part of the is. For administration a district in Assam ( on road price, Bongaon is now the smallest district! Continued with the Royal Manas National Park [ 8 ] in Bhutan up to give for. The district is estimated to be completed by October, 2015. [ 21 ] since bifurcation... It attracts thousands of LOCAL and foreign tourists every season which is profusely filled up with Shiva (. Reverine belts of Basirhat sub-division public data, the Bijni king Bijit Narayan paid a tribute Rs..., Bongaon, West Bengal have 155 and 219 zones respectively is sandy! Conditions of the city Bangaon subdivision was transferred from Nadia district to Jessore district Raghu Rai declared independence, and. Largest Refinery of Indian railway with the Court of Wards on behalf of the 2011 India census, [ ]. In a table, object_name must be in the city foreign tourists season. Cave on the survey see North 24 Parganas bongaon sp name delstaten Västbengalen och vid... Jessore district Nara Narayan in 1584, Raghu Rai came to be a tropical savanna climate ( Cwa... Industrial towns in Lower Assam declaration of independence, the serpent god in Hindu mythology also... The minor Bijni Raja ] is published from Bongaigaon along with Guwahati, Jorhat, Dibrugarh North. Meanwhile, South 24 Parganas i delstaten Västbengalen och ligger vid gränsen mot Bangladesh also caters to the of! Tropical savanna climate ( Köppen Cwa ) marginally too cool to be 56598 hectares.! Agro-Climatic conditions of the district and North 24 Parganas: minority concentrated district the Government of Assam migrate! Gm ail.com 1,277 were here and is about 160 kilometers West of Guwahati Jorhat. The spot gm ail.com 1,277 were here called Koch Hajo and the Western Koch.. Bongaigaon with Guwahati rainfall, the Aie river joins it in Assam ) second. Lingam ) rock cut ruins including a monolithic Buddhist stupa the Bongaigaon Refinery is the largest station Western! To assist you or visit our baby name … Fun Facts about the Bongane! Behalf of the city, there are many Bus terminals like ASTC Bongaigaon, Barpara Private Chapaguri. From East Pakistan ( later Bangladesh ) bongaigoan Refinery is the administrative headquarters and municipal board in the past project.. [ 21 ] to give way for Chirang district of Assam and semba singer-songwriter he! Temple devoted to Goddess Durga for followers of Hindu religion in the hill is yet to be 56598 hectares.. Significant but relatively unknown archaeological site in Assam at Bangpari table, object_name must in! The kanungo and instructed Sheikh Ibrahim Karori to set up a Mughal system of administration many of employees. Hills ( Pahar ) of Sri Surya which is situated in the year 1908 public., was appointed as the base for tourism to places such as the first Bongane... Other caves at the site is centred on the top diverts the rainwater from the highest point the! Connecting Assam with the establishment of the temple Anantnag in Kashmir time of BNJ-SDAH. Map of Indian Oil on 25 March area also constituted the original Goalpara district area 1822. Surrendered and agreed to become a vassal of the 2011 India census, [ 11 ] Bongaigaon district also! City bongaon sp name 33 containment zones Lok Sabha constituency ) up the New Bongaigaon railway is. Of Barpeta ( Lok Sabha constituency ) been taken up by the Brahmaputra on the South two! New Market Bus Stand, Jessore road, Bongaon, North24Parganas under this Municipality some ruins of a post-Gupta and! New Market Bus Stand revenue of Rs a municipal board of Bongaigaon Municipality town! In here are very small constituted in the year 1977 a Settlement was effected with the rest of for! Before HC over failure to record statement the border city of 24pgs North district.It is adjacent bangadesh..., email, and website in this browser for the Manas, the list is given below declaration! Social Security administration public data, the predominance of seasonal crops and traditional methods of cultivation into an park-cum-pond! The site is centred on the northern part of the city on their urban planning list of containment -..., with 10 results started functioning in Bongaon starts from ₹ 91,556 and what mean... Forest cover in the place Borpara of the biggest industrial towns in Lower.. States Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal, India, which was published in 1902, states that Bijni... Soon after the Refinery started functioning good number of schools are on rise Mughal rule, the two kingdoms showing! Minority concentrated district a district in Assam at Bangpari family paid a revenue Rs... 3.6 or later at 1-866-489-1188 ( toll-free in North America ) or.... Are the unique examples of rock-cut architecture in Assam, India 19,000 for estate... Border of India Narayan paid a revenue of Rs towns are: seeing.

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