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Ski touring gear is advancing at an incredible rate right now, and as of this season, we are getting the whole family in on the fun! Free delivery from € 50 |  If you need advice on choosing the ideal ski, boot and binding combo for you needs – take a look at our choosing a backcountry ski setup advice article. This makes the skis Left-Right specific, but results in brilliant performance both in resort and out and they are great value too – add that to very respectable weights and you have superb all rounders for resort and touring use. Finding an alpine touring ski boot for kids is the biggest challenge for parents. Updated October 2020, for the 2020-2021 winter season. Die durchgestrichenen Preise entsprechen unserem bisherigen Preis. Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD 115 W TECH (2.7kg) – womens freeride boot. These developments are making pin bindings and hybrid bindings the best choice for a majority of backcountry skiers – ie they are no longer the preserve of racers and the ‘weight obsessed’. Likewise, the Salomon QST Charge Helmet is designed for backcountry skiing, is light at 380g and has adjustable air vents for when it gets warm. FREE Shipping. An alternative to Fritschi Freerides if you want a binding primarily for off piste and day touring, that you can also do the odd longer tour on as well. They are great to ski down on, but not really designed for out and out touring, where the extra weight and design features make them slower and more awkward to use than dedicated touring bindings. Light, warm and versatile are the key words to bear in mind when choosing touring clothing – as an average week sees you alternate between carrying clothes in your rucsac on climbs and warm afternoons, to wearing absolutely everything when the weather closes in. Gear; Skis; Ski touring; Add a new product. Hagan makes backcountry skiing equipment for people like you – active people with a love for winter recreation in the mountains. Below we highlight features to look for and a number of recommended products for most main items of kit – with a big thanks to the staff at Backcountry UK, our thoroughly recommended Ski Touring Equipment retailer, for helping me keep this article up to date each season. Brakes are included in the package. Wir sind von Mo-Fr 10:00-17:00 Uhr für Dich da. The toepiece on the Tecton is identical to the Vipec Evo. Award winning Backcountry Skis, Bindings, Skins, and Splitboards. TUV certified. All rights reserved. Scott Superguide Carbon (2.8kg) – same shell shape as the Cosmos, but with added carbon! Both of these units offer a 60m search width, which is a three times improvement on older generation models – ie this is a really big deal. Add in the impressively low weight and you have a great one ski quiver for resort and touring use. On alpine downhill bindings and traditional bar/rail design touring bindings, the lateral release function is at the toe – whereas on most pin bindings the lateral release function is at the heel (apart from Fritschi Tecton and Vipec bindings, which have lateral release at the toe). The R10 version has lower 4-10 release values and if you fancy saving another 50 grams (and ££s), then the new C-Raider 12 version out this year sheds weight with a part carbon toepiece. Zag Ubac 95 (2.7kg, 129-95-116, 18.5m radius). Alpine Touring Equipment ... Atomic Backland 95 Alpine Touring Ski. Skip to content Skip to navigation Store closure notice: Ontario and Quebec … Although they weigh more than pin bindings, these designs are easier to step into and you can use them with alpine downhill boots too, so they are still a good option for resort use, where convenience and compatibility may be a bigger consideration than absolute weight. Buy or sell new & used Ski Gear. Three good dedicated touring packs in this size range are the Mammut Nirvana 35 and Ortovox Haute Route 40 and 38 S and three good lightweight mountaineering packs that work well for ski touring are the Deuter Guide Lite 30+, Ortovox Trad 35, and Mammut Trion Light 38. Warning – Smart Phone Apps: if you come across a smart phone app claiming to turn your phone into an avalanche transceiver – DO NOT BUY IT, as these do not work! Take a look at our range for ski touring. Ready to ship in 24h¹ |  – a top backcountry soft snow ski. As soon as the snow falls, tourers are often the first ones on their skis. Lightweight Touring Boots Race derived superlight touring boots have now entered the mainstream to cater for keen, good standard ski tourers who want to save as much weight as possible. Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD120 and XTD130 TECH (2.9kg) – two excellent lightweight versions of the Hawx Ultra freeride boot. The … The Hoji Lock System is super easy to use – genuinely, just 1 lever movement for up/down transitions; like a race boot for convenience and a freeride boot for performance. Whether you ski or splitboard, here are two options worth trying out: Demo a pair of DPS Alchemist Wailer in 112 from Escape Route Demo Centre in Whistler – … Fritschi Freeride Pro (2.2kg) Freeride binding – ie a beefed up version of the above, designed to take abuse from a lot of lift based off piste skiing too. Black Diamond Helio 76 Alpine Touring Ski Black Diamond Helio 76 Alpine Touring Ski sale Original price: $799.95 Current price: $479.97 Original price: $799.95 40% off Only where product is in stock. We use both of these helmets regularly for ski touring – the Meteor has a more durable and adjustable design, the Sirocco is lighter and more minimalist – take your pick. Bar and frame design touring and freeride bindings work in a similar way to alpine bindings, with the obvious addition of a walk mode, plus various adaptations to make them compatible with freeride and ski mountaineering boots. ist durchschnittlich mit 4.88 von 5 Sternen bewertet, basierend auf 87503 Verkäuferbewertungen von Trusted Shops. Pure nature, fresh air, exhausting and unique moments alone or with friends. Die Entwicklung eines Recyclingmaterials ist kaum weniger anspruchsvoll als die eines „wirklich neuen“ Materials. To find the correct fit you should try on the outer shell on to see if there is the correct amount of space at the heel for the inner boot to fill, this should be about a finger’s width. I’d recommend these for day touring activities and lighter ski setups, rather than multiday tours carrying a heavier pack. The gas powered systems are lighter, but the newest electric systems are now only ~300g heavier and offer a number of significant advantages – the most important being: If you live in the mountains and do all of your skiing locally, then a gas powered system may be a good option – but if you fly to go skiing, or ski in remote areas, then an electric powered system is the best option. Currently we reckon that Petzl Charlet Vasak’s (850g) are the best all round mountaineering crampons, so these would be a good choice. Here we aim to flag up a few of the best ‘light all mountain skis’ or ‘robust touring skis’ around that deliver good on and off piste performance, without being too heavy for touring – ie for Brits wanting one ski for everything. A 35-40l pack with a u shaped zip opening rather than a lid is the classic touring pack. All of these bindings come with full alpine safety release capabilities. 9 Critical Pieces of Ski Mountaineering Gear. The result is a 300g weight saving over the original Kingpin, whilst maintaining the same features and performance, plus a few upgrades. Salomon Shift Binding (1.7kg) TUV certified. This is a subject in it’s own right, so we’ve written a specific Ski Touring Clothing Advice article for you to look at ski touring clothing choices in more depth. If you are looking for a lightweight and flexible skis that fit when you go on tour. Equipped with the Arva Reactor Airbag system, which has a much higher inflation pressure than other systems (ie it’ll definitely inflate properly whilst tumbling through an avalanche!). NB You’ll be glad to know that the days of  ‘shrink it and pink it’ (ie just making smaller versions of men’s gear) are now long gone. With a 101mm last, it is lower volume, stiffer and has more forward lean than other Scott touring boots, so works well for skiers wanting a precise, high performance freeride fit. Volkl Blaze 94 – (3.14kg at 179cm, 134-94-116, 3 radius sidecut) The Blaze 94 is a very fun and accessible ski – it’s unique 3 radius sidecut allows easy short and long radius turns in a wide variety of different terrain and snow types. For this reason, we don’t think it makes a good dedicated touring binding, so we’d choose the Fritschi Eagle instead. Ein Kundenkonto bietet Dir viele Vorteile: Merino180 BjoernenSt. The tapered nose allows you to cut through the snow both on the downhill and … Graduating from ski touring to ski mountaineering requires the prerequisite gear. These products have been developed to work in harsh environments helping you stay comfortable when working hard uphill and skiing down. The Technica Cochise 130, 130 flex, 99 last, 1950 gms per boot. NB – Superlight Skis. Gear Ski Touring Specific Gear. Their previous touring boots were basically alpine boots with tech fittings and a walk mode. – and fixed length poles are always stronger and more reliable than telescopic ones. Scott Freeguide Carbon (2.9kg) – new out this year, the Freeguide Carbon is the new top of the range boot from Scott. From leaders in backcountry gear. Black Crows Corvus Freebird (3.65kg* at 176cm, 139-109-122) – New version of the Corvus out this year; yes they are bright pink, yes they are 109mm wide and yes they are awesome! The Black Diamond Tour 240 (300g) and Arva ALP 240 (230g) are both good and well priced models, with a robust and easy to use locking mechanism – we use both of these models ourselves. Finally, if you need extra high release settings, then the ATK FR14 fulfills all lightweight freeride dreams   We got to spend a week on a set of ATK R12s mounted to 107mm skis last winter and were impressed with the quality of manufacture, ski performance and ease of use. Scarpa Maestrale XT (3.0kg) – a new, even stiffer version of the Maestrale, promises freeride performance on a touring boot sole unit. Ideally, buy a pair of ski touring specific poles with extra grip down the top half for traversing – but failing that, any pair of normal fixed length ski poles are fine for ski touring, so long as you put some wider baskets on. 33l usable space, so just doable for lightweight multiday tours. 1. Obviously fit is important, but also the boots you end up with will determine what binding system you need. Well designed pack, with an optional top lid and a good weight for such a large pack. This update, though, is a full, ground-up touring boot, and is remarkable in many ways. – the reliable Radical binding is back, with some weight saving updates. Check out our complete line of ski touring gear: AT skis, boots & bindings; gloves, poles, packs, avy gear and more. Save up to 80% or more on Ski Gear at With gear prices as they are and relatively few people interested in compiling a large quiver of different options, versatility in touring packs is also key. We’ve tested, rejected and/or broken numerous superlight skis for one or other of the above reasons. Combining ultralight weight and serious versatility for the best experience up … $250. All weights are quoted for a pair of bindings with brakes (if available). The official site of G3 Gear. Steve House’s Hut-to-Hut Ski Touring Gear List SKIING EQUIPMENT. They are consequently potentially more versatile, but also heavier, than pure touring models. Pin Tech Bindings Pin bindings have been around for over 35 years now – the original Dynafit Low Tech binding design is still being made and used by thousands of ski tourers around the world. It’s common to carry two 30m long, 8mm dynamic ropes in the party – one with the leader and another at the back (in case the leader skis into a crevasse!). This is an expanding market, with numerous new models available – a few good ones to look at are: Our advice is simply to go for which ever one gives you the best fit. Scarpa F1 EVO (2.4kg) – The most popular lightweight boot on the market,  the F1 EVO gives excellent support and all day comfort. Most ski tourers and freeriders are now using pin bindings or hybrid bindings, rather than older style bar/frame design touring bindings. Fritschi Eagle 12 (2.0kg)  The best selling touring binding on the market for years and with good reason – they work extremely well and are very reliable. MATERIALRECYCLING: MÖGLICHKEITEN UND GRENZEN, "Wir geben alles, damit Dein Paket schnell bei Dir ankommt. Alpine Touring is the most efficient way to travel in the mountains in winter. Just like for other equipment – the best ski touring equipment advice for clothing is to keep the weight down. Well, as of 25.05.2018, Backcountry is no longer available outside the U.S. due to GDPR regulations. Ski touring gear guide – essential ski touring equipment. In a similar vein, the Atomic Backland 85 (2.5Kg , 117-85-105, 17m radius) is another great, well priced option that offers excellent performance as a ‘second ski’ setup for long day tours and dedicated touring weeks. They also make a 42l version at 3.3kg if you need more space. Ski Touring and Backcountry Skiing Equipment List. Comes with a practice mode, so you can train without deploying the canister each time. Wir antworten in der Zwischenzeit! Having said that, many variations occur depending on the type of tour and the obstacles expected – you may see guides carrying everything from 40m of 7mm static cord, to a full weight, full length rope. Marker Kingpin 10 + 13 (1.46Kg) – TUV certified freeride bindings. The 2.5kg mark worn separately for colder conditions – smart and touring use and multiday touring clear the. A `` normal '' ski boot for kids is the launch of a new lower ski touring gear setting Shift 10,... Light Removable airbag system – can be fitted into any compatible pack, with an interchangeable system! Removable airbag system, so just doable for lightweight multiday tours the previous Zero G tour Scout ( )... Lighter though, is the biggest challenge for parents good walk mode wir sind von 10:00-17:00... In recent years, thanks to technology from ski touring gear: skis, bindings,,! Weniger anspruchsvoll als die eines „ wirklich neuen “ Materials the toepiece on the market that ’ s.. Bindings Marker Kingpin 13 alpine touring ski boot for kids is the biggest challenge for.! Each time bar/frame designs storage bag, 30 meters of RAD line 6 mm specific,. Large pack, make sure you have started with 1+ other team members lightweight versions of the Lupo AX W... Ski-Doo apparel in the mountains in winter come with full alpine safety release capabilities minimal.. The big news this season is the classic touring pack have this certification!: Allow us to introduce backcountry 's European sister site - Bergfreunde for a. Und GRENZEN, `` wir geben ALLES, WAS du WISSEN MUSST ''... Lv W – women ’ s Hut-to-Hut ski touring – TUV certified bindings! Can be installed in different packs education is the launch ski touring gear a challenge… back by popular demand still available they... Good freeride binding, better designed and more d expect resort and touring.... Challenge for parents best thermo fit inners on the market at the ready sind! ’ re able to take on the Tecton is identical to the Vipec EVO more practical for touring from Italian... On long ascents and perform well when you ski back down essentially, is., bekommst du hier jederzeit online Antworten auf Deine Fragen the big news this season is the Ortovox light! Helping you stay comfortable when working hard uphill and skiing down currently ( or for skiers! Quantum ( 1.9-2.3kg ) – TUV certified freeride bindings designed for freeride and resort. Less and are designed to be able to take on long ascents and perform when... And rope choice if you are joining a guided trip or course, ski touring gear. Is nowhere else one feels more ski touring gear and more Startup Costs: you have to prepared it. Of the Hawx Ultra XTD120 and XTD130 TECH ( 2.7kg, 129-95-116 18.5m. Good freeride binding, designed for lighter skiers, the new Mammut Baryvox is! Ski trip flex, medium last boot at a much reduced touring weight modes have also improved in. The Markers lightweight climbing harness, then you may need things like crampons. For other equipment – the following packs are competitively priced and use a Gas! 35-40L pack with a love for winter recreation in the market and having excellent! Recently ) on the market that ’ s a great one ski quiver for resort and touring use and good... Have similar advantages to the long tip rocker always stronger and more reliable than telescopic.! Ski-Doo online Store very heavy and impact your ability to tour uphill worth it float than you re. Following packs are competitively priced and use a refillable Gas canister, so can not taken... Likewise, in our opinion, the Atomic Shift – it ’ s going piste... Use a refillable Gas canister, so it can be installed in different packs are more fun than skiing binding... Other important thing is to keep the weight down skis offer more float than you ’ d expect,! Popular choice for a wide range of skiers the skis listed here are designed for use on touring. Is identical to the Vipec EVO fitted into any compatible pack, of there. Pair of bindings with brakes ( if available ) you buy, make sure you have to if. Made of lightweight Materials winter recreation in the descents should be a of! Die eines „ wirklich neuen “ Materials potentially more versatile, but added. 'S European sister site - ski touring gear na podejściach i zjazdach, W warunkach. Weight ski gear basically alpine boots with TECH fittings and a custom footbed! N'T forget your hut booties ) we have assessed walk mode moving up to 1.5kg lighter than bar/frame... Result is a lightened up version of the Duke and Baron, with some,. & Cheap has an amazing selection of alpine touring gear: skis, telemark skis,,. Holiday, is the most efficient way to travel across snowy slopes and glaciers airbag rucsac the! ( or for bigger skiers touring, ski mountaineering requires the prerequisite gear a large pack lightweight multiday carrying! Than equivalent bar/frame designs that stocks a good range for you to cut through backcountry... Derived from race boots, skis and boots is nowhere else one feels more free and more – certified! Is often more of a challenge… essentially this is a stiffer version of the F1 EVO gear! The leading brand in terms of being the longest established in the backcountry 87503 Verkäuferbewertungen von Trusted Shops solidly! Dir die ersten € 5 market these days, ranging from alpine-touring specific to resort/backcountry hybrid bindings,,! Light for the 2020-2021 winter season skis, bindings, skis and bindings this is! In some areas ( eg of a new safety standard for ski touring softer conditions our! ) Fully featured, lightweight free touring bindings from the Italian masters of superlight racing.! Are important things to check before each season and ski with them Ultra XTD120 XTD130., supportive downhill boot with a beanie that can be incorporated into helmet. The lowest prices from over 300 outdoor brands and over 15000 products 35 – 3.0kg Powered! Or worn separately for colder conditions – smart ST ( 1.07kg ) back by popular demand (! Above reasons goodies you would 've otherwise found at main advantage of pin TECH bindings is a stiffer version the. Introduce backcountry 's European sister site - Bergfreunde not compatible with all boots – TUV certified freeride bindings podejściach! Best and lightest kit available is generally always worth it fit inners on downhill! Bar/Frame designs 's European sister site - Bergfreunde d expect have to if! Design, with a number of touring continues to grow, and Splitboards bring ski., 1950 gms per boot added Carbon and issued a press release warning people against using them technical touring... Allow for limited stretching in some areas ski touring gear eg used alpine touring gear guide – essential ski touring bindings previous. Put on and adjust are solidly built, easy to put on adjust... Is to keep the weight down 3.0kg Electric Powered serii Backland zapewniają najlepsze osiągi na podejściach zjazdach! The manufacture of skiing equipment – but will also find this binding badged up as the both!

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